Senta GraduationResearch Agenda:

My research agenda is driven by the issues and challenges that I experience as a faculty member and program coordinator and those I observe as a language teacher and language learner, especially in response to findings from empirical research studies and theoretical frameworks in second language acquisition and teaching (SLAT). My particular focus in SLAT research is on non-traditional learning environments such as technology-mediated language learning and teaching, study abroad and service-learning. In my research I explore the needs of the stakeholders of alternative and innovative language learning environments and student learning outcomes as they relate to language and culture learning.

Selected Recent Publications


  • Goertler, S. & Winke, P. (Eds.) (2008). Opening Doors through Distance Education: Principles, Perspectives, and Practices. CALICO Monograph Series Volume 7. CALICO: San Marcos, TX. (editors contributed equally)

Articles (* = peer-reviewed)

  • *Goertler, S., Kraemer, A., & Schenker, T. (2016). Setting evidence-based language goals. Foreign Language Annals, 49(3), 434-454.
  • Goertler, S. (2015). Study abroad and technology: friend or enemy? Foreign Language Teaching Magazine, July 2015.
  • *Goertler, S., Bollen, M., Gaff, J. (2012). Students’ readiness for and attitudes toward hybrid foreign language instruction: Multiple perspectives. CALICO Journal, 29(2), 297-320.

Book chapters (* = peer-reviewed)

  • *Goertler, S. (2012). Theoretical and empirical foundations for blended language learning. In: F. Rubio & J. Thoms (Eds.), Hybrid language teaching and learning: Exploring theoretical, pedagogical, and curricular issues. (pp.27-49). Boston: Cengage/Heinle.
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