Senta GraduationResearch Agenda:

My research agenda is driven by the issues and challenges that I experience as a faculty member and program coordinator and those I observe as a language teacher and language learner. The purpose of my research is to help educational programs and their stakeholders make evidence-based decisions. My particular focus  is on non-traditional language learning environments such as technology-mediated language learning and teaching, study abroad and service-learning.

Selected Recent Publications


  • Goertler, S. & Winke, P. (Eds.) (2008). Opening Doors through Distance Education: Principles, Perspectives, and Practices. CALICO Monograph Series Volume 7. CALICO: San Marcos, TX. (editors contributed equally)

Articles (* = peer-reviewed)

  • *Goertler, S. & McEwen, K. (forthcoming). Closing the GAP for Generation Study Abroad: Achieving goals, improving articulation, and increasing participation. ADFL Bulletin.
  • *Goertler, S., Kraemer, A., & Schenker, T. (2016). Setting evidence-based language goals. Foreign Language Annals, 49(3), 434-454.
  • Goertler, S. (2015). Study abroad and technology: friend or enemy? Foreign Language Teaching Magazine, July 2015.
  • *Goertler, S., Bollen, M., Gaff, J. (2012). Students’ readiness for and attitudes toward hybrid foreign language instruction: Multiple perspectives. CALICO Journal, 29(2), 297-320.

Book chapters (* = peer-reviewed)

  • *Goertler, S., Schenker, T., Brunsmeier, S., & Lesoski, C. (2018). Assessing language and intercultural learning during telecollaboration. In: S. Link & J. Li (Eds.). Assessment across online language education. pp. 21-48. Sheffield, England: Equinox.
  • *Goertler, S. (2012). Theoretical and empirical foundations for blended language learning. In: F. Rubio & J. Thoms (Eds.), Hybrid language teaching and learning: Exploring theoretical, pedagogical, and curricular issues. (pp.27-49). Boston: Cengage/Heinle.